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All of our Volkswagen repairs comply with EU block exemption laws so your manufacturer warranty is completely protected when your car is fixed in one of our approved garages, which means that you can benefit from big savings on your Volkswagen repair compared to main dealer prices.

We guarantee that your Volkswagen will be repaired by manufacturer trained technicians using only approved parts so that your car continues to perform the way the engineers who built it intended.


Booking a Volkswagen repair for your car or van is a fast, hassle-free process. Simply click on the "Get a Quote" button and you can easily make an enquiry and get a quote from us for your Volkswagen repairs in London.

Alternatively you can call us on 03332 201 142 and one of our friendly sales team will be able to help you book your Volkswagen repair in London at one of our garages local to you.


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We ensure that all of our technicians adhere to the Service4Service standards meaning:

  • We only fit OEM & Volkswagen approved parts.
  • We collect & deliver your Volkswagen for free.
  • Your manufacturers warranty remains protected.
  • We will wash your car for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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VOLKSWAGEN BRAKE REPAIRSGuaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

We can repair all manner of problems with your Volkswagen brakes including replacing brake pads, brake discs, and brake fluid. We can also fix your Volkswagen handbrake. Whatever the issue, we have the experience with Volkswagen brake repairs in London.

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VOLKSWAGEN TURBO REPAIRS Guaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

Commonly found in diesel engines, an increasing amount of petrol-fuelled engines are also being built with turbochargers. Most turbocharger faults are caused by issues involving the turbo pump or turbo injector. Our technicians have many years of experience with Volkswagen turbo repairs in London.

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VOLKSWAGEN CLUTCH REPAIRSGuaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

Clutch problems are common, even though most drivers expect them to last a lifetime. Our specialist technicians are able to provide approved Volkswagen clutch repairs from any of our garages in London.

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VOLKSWAGEN GEARBOX REPAIRSGuaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

Gearbox maintenance is of high importance. Gearboxes are an exceptionally complex part of your car, with problems usually arising such as clunking sounds when you shift gears, or leaking transmission fluids. We provide a high quality Volkswagen gearbox repair in London.

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VOLKSWAGEN TIMING BELT REPAIRSGuaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

A timing belt (or cam belt) synchronises camshaft and crankshaft rotation to open and close the engine valves. The timing belt controls the engine and can also drive other mechanical components such as a water pump. We provide approved Volkswagen timing belt repairs in London.

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VOLKSWAGEN FUEL FILTER REPAIRSGuaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty

A diesel particulate filter is designed to remove diesel soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. We can provide diesel particlate filter (DPF) and other fuel filter repairs for your Volkswagen from any of our approved garages across London.

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Half price MOTs with car servicingVOLKSWAGEN MOTS

For customers in need of a Volkswagen MOT in London, we also provide the option of adding one alongside any car servicing package for JUST £29 inc VAT!

All Models Repaired

We provide repairs for all Volkswagen models including Beetle, Bora, Corrado, EOS, Fox, Golf, Jetta, Lupo, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, Sharan, Tiguan, Touareg, Touran, Up, Caddi Maxi, California, Carravelle, Crafter, LT, Shuttle & Transporter.

Guaranteed protection on your manufacturers warranty.






Your Frequently asked questions

Where can I book an approved repair for my Volkswagen online?

The 'Block Exemption' European legislation, introduced in 2003, means that we are able to repair your Volkswagen without invalidating your manufacturer's warranty. Our fully qualified technicians and mechanics only use original equipment and genuine parts for all types of vehicles.

How do I know if my Volkswagen needs a new clutch?

There are some common warning signs to keep an eye out for if you believe your Volkswagen clutch needs replacing such as difficulty changing gears or a grinding sound when you do change gears. The engine may rev involuntarily, or you could experience a partial or total loss of acceleration.

Where can I get an online quote for my Volkswagen repair?

Service4Service London offer a variety of approved car repairs and car bodywork repairs from each of our local repair centres located across London - each garage is fully equipped to fix any damage that your vehicle may have incurred. Simply fill out our enquiry form for a quote!

Where can I book an approved Volkswagen service online?

All of our Volkswagen servicing options in London do include a 12 month warranty on all OEM or approved parts and labour, manufacturer warranty protection, service lights reset, free collection and delivery of your vehicle and a free car wash!

How do I know if my Volkswagen needs new brakes?

Our free health check will let you know if there are any issues with your Volkswagen brakes. Common warning signs to keep an eye out for are screeching, squealing, clicking or grinding noises, the brake pedal may begin to pulsate or the car may begin to pull to one side when driven.

Where can I get a free health check for my Volkswagen?

At Service4Service London we are able to offer our customers a free health check, on all car suspension, brakes and wheels, when booking any vehicle in for service or repair with us. Please ask one of our friendly customer service advisors for more information when booking.